Thanks to progress in treatment techniques and a wider range of professional competencies physiotherapy can help patients better than ever before.

Physiotherapists, occupational therapists, podiatrists, speech therapists and psychotherapists have become valuable team partners of doctors.


Our team of qualified therapists constantly strive to offer our patients personalized treatment in close cooperation with the other medical specialists involved.


Physiotherapeutical assessement

The assessment includes a detailed medical history, an examination and functional analysis of the entire body, as well as a specific examination of the areas that cause you discomfort. On the basis of the results of the investigation a treatment plan and suggested therapy are discussed.

Our assessment is not part of the statutory health care insurance and therefore it may not be not be prescribed.


Physiotherapeutical counselling

For brief information or guidance concerning health issues



Sectoral alternative practitioner

The sectoral medical practitioner has an additional qualification with allows him to diagnose an ailment enabling subsequent treatment without a prescription.



Heart rate variability

The “Autonomous Health” measuring device displays heart rate variability (HRV) and evaluates the heart´s adaptability to various physical and emotional situations in everyday life.

The device is attached to the body for 24 hours and measures the changes in heartbeat in the course of the day, closely monitoring heart rate changes.

The results are evaluated and consultation proceeds. The goal is to create an individually adapted therapy and training plan which will hopefully optimize daily life.