CMD- craniomandibular dysfunction

Many people of nearly all age groups suffer from headaches, tinnitus, dizziness, tense muscles or backache and aching joints.

What is less known is that the causes of these ailments often lie in the area of the temporomandibular joints, the lower jaw and the jaw muscles.

This disorder is commonly called cranio-mandibular dysfunction or CMD.

CMD is triggered off by various factors and influence the chewing mechanism.

Prior to creating a personalized treatment plan a comprehensive investigation of  the patient´s medical history is carried out and an ensuing analysis made.

These findings are discussed with the attending physician.

We work in close cooperation with a team of experienced specialists in the diagnosis and therapy of CMD such as dentists, pain therapists and mental coaches.

In many cases dental therapy involving splints or dental structure is necessary in order to achieve the desired success. Alternatively, specific pain therapy may be required in order to assess the patient´s  overall symptoms.

We consider it of prime importance not only to treat the specific areas of the body (jaw and the head) but also to take the person as a whole into account.