Oxygen multi – step treatment

Feeling tired or stressed?
Are you finding it difficult to concentrate?
Are you suffering from a drop in performance or a lack of energy?

Three steps to help you:

1. a revitalising drink to enhance oxygen intake
2. oxygen inhalation (air mixture with approx. 90% oxygen,  approx. 4l/min.)
3. promoting blood circulation through some sporting activity


With this method the circulation of the tiniest vessels is improved, thus supporting regenerative processes.
The microcirculation increases cell metabolism promoting the exchange of nutrients in the tissues and organs.
The breakdown of the body´s own waste products is accelerated.

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eMRS- electro-Magnetic Resonance Stimulation

External influences can negatively affect our body. The pulsating energy field harmonizes the individual biorhythm either stimulating it in a state of exhaustion or calming it down in a state of nervousness and restlessness.


Gentle mechanical vibrations are transmitted to the muscles and connective tissue to improve cellular metabolism. This not only promotes the blood circulation of even the tiniest vessels but also removes metabolic waste via lymph vessels and veins.

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Radial shock wave therapy

Radial shock wave therapy is used to treat patients suffering from calcific tendinitis of the shoulder, heel spur, muscle hardening or tennis elbow, for example.

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Further services

Kinesiotape. Myofascial therapy. Laser. Marnitz therapy.