MTT/MAT (Medical Training Therapy),
KGG (equipment-based physiotherapy)

MTT/KGG is a medically based training program that systematically trains the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems to cope with the demands of everyday life and physical sports.

The personalized training program improves strength, speed, flexibility, endurance and coordination.

Should you be interested in Medical Training Therapy or equipment-based physiotherapy you are most welcome to visit one of our physiotherapy practices.


Vitalhaus Achern
Therapiezentrum Bühl
MedicalCenter Baden-Baden

Sensopro – the coordination concept

For faster rehabilitation, better health and more fitness.

Sensopro is the ideal training device for couch potatoes, top athletes, rehab patients, skiers, seniors, footballers, hikers, fitness freaks and YOU!

With the help of a few simple instructions you can improve your coordination thus forming the basis of efficient strength and endurance training!

Go through a complete workout in just 10 minutes!

Together we will find the program that suits you best.


Vitalhaus Achern

Therapiezentrum Bühl

Medical Center Baden-Baden

fitVibe® vibration training

The mechanical, vertical vibrations of the fitVibe® plate strengthen the muscles and stimulate blood circulation.

This bio-mechanical vibration training can easily be integrated into your daily routine (recommended training session: 20 minutes twice a week).

Feel free to try it out!

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