Our philosophy. For your health.

We are a qualified team of therapists, dedicated to our work. Our main aim is providing people with individual advice on how to improve their health and quality of life using therapeutic methods, systematic training and preventive work programs.


Our therapists are well-informed about the latest advances in our profession through regular, on-going and targeted training in and out of house.

In order to make a precise diagnosis and create a treatment program tailored to the patient´s individual needs, we make a detailed inquiry of the patient´s medical history, followed by a comprehensive physical examination.

We also try to keep close contact with the patient´s attending physician.

In much the same way that we devote time for every patient, we advise them to take time for every consultation and visit. A stress-free environment is conducive to achieving optimal results.


Our training concepts are aimed at improving the patient´s flexibility, strength and coordination as well as reducing pain and tension.

In the course of treatment, the patient´s sensory and body awareness are enhanced.

The patient also learns to understand the cause for his/her physical complaints and how to come to terms with them.

Our training rooms have all the equipment necessary to ensure effective results.

Qualified personnel are at the patient´s disposal during training sessions to give guidance and advice


Maintaining good health is better than curing an ailment.

Our certified preventive courses help to remedy and prevent ailments.

We also offer individual treatment sessions to enhance one´s physical well-being.